About Us

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Our Background

FDB has been the leader in providing customized corporate trainings to companies worldwide, predominantly APAC and the Middle East. We currently produces events to serve clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, GCC and the African continent. Our management team has more than 30 years of combined experience in production of corporate trainings. We monitor the latest developments of the economic and industry conditions to ensure that we can provide up to date and valuable trainings. We also conduct regular training needs analysis with our past and current attendees to understand the specific training needs of a particular industry in order to provide high quality events for our clients.

Our Vision & Mission

To establish FDB as a leading brand in the corporate training field.

To engage top notch trainers from around the world to enhance professional knowledge and increase productivity of clients’ workplace

Our Strength

Faculty of Speakers

The experience of our trainers’spans from a minimum of 20 years to more than 40 years in the field and their consulting clients are often the Fortune 500 and MNCs.

     Our training materials are constantly updated by our faculty of speakers
     Usually encompass practical exercises and case studies to encourage more interactive learning

Competitive Pricing

We offer one of the most competitive packages in the market given the quality of our events and the experience of our faculty.